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Passing The Torch


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Passing the Torch's mission is to bridge the gap between our elders and our youth, using music to create stronger bonds within the family and community at large, to create community partnerships to organize free community events, such as block parties throughout the entire United States of America, where our network of music industry professionals will offer free performances and workshops on how to read and play music, music theory and composition, music history and appreciation.

We are motivated by the overwhelming evidence of how the power of music brings people together. The healing power of music as a therapeutic tool is a way to truly activate the brain. In a Harvard Health Publishing article, "Can Music Improve our Health and Quality of Life" , by Lorrie Kubicek, a certified music therapist, writes, "Active music making truly engages your entire brain.  This creates the most potential for distraction, pain reduction, cognition, fine and gross motor development, and expression."

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