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The Curtis Family C-notes

The Curtis Family C-notes Band is the first family band with the mother, father, and their five children (Mama C, Papa C, Zahara, Nile, Isis, Kiki and Phoenix). The Curtis family is an astonishingly multi-talented and gifted family of seven. The family consists of multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers, composers, and producers.  The family released their debut album, "Awaken", June of 2022.

          They are also community champions who focus on helping seniors, the youth, and the homeless. The Curtis Family C-Notes have performed for the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Giants, America’s Got Talent and many others in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. The Curtis Family has the distinction of being named The First Family of San Francisco, in California. The band was sought out by one of the biggest retail giants in the country, JCPenney, to make a 2021 Christmas Holiday commercial which aired for weeks, both nationally and internationally.

          Maestro Curtis (Papa C) was a child prodigy, mentored by Maurice White, lead vocalist of Earth, Wind & Fire. As an adult Maestro became a world-renown musician, producer, teacher, and author. Maestro signed to Maurice White's label (Kalimba Records) as a member of the group Xpression where he wrote and produced the album entitled "Power" in which Maurice White was the executive producer. 

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