The Curtis Family C-notes

The Curtis family, known professionally as The Curtis Family C-Notes, plays melodies of “’60s and ’70s-inspired San Francisco/Oakland/Bay Area funk” out of their Bayview District home and in venues across the city, according to their son Nile.


When the C-Notes played the halftime show at a March 2020 Warriors game, they thought it might be their big break. But shortly thereafter the pandemic hit, and it was their weekly living room live-streams that brought them their biggest opportunity yet—a stint on the popular show, America’s Got Talent.  The VP of Brand Synergy for JCPenney saw the Curtis Family on America’s Got Talent and called them to do a holiday campaign for the company.  The commercial aired for weeks both nationally and internationally.  


The Curtis Family will use their growing platform to bring awareness to the ever growing disparities that adversely affect marginalized communities in San Francisco, specifically the senior and homeless communities. 


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